OPINION: Silly Skepticism of Corporate Social Responsibility

corporate-social-responsibilty-earthA company fabricating a facade to create an image of good will is what critics would define corporate social responsibility. They argue that such a thing is not truly a move to create a better more sustainable relationship between a company and the community, but merely theater to trick people to once again believe in the corporations that once screwed them over, and left them homeless and hungry. But with all their facts and number crunching, they fail to realize that a corporation is not truly soulless, for in it is the souls of their managers, workers and executives. Who, though media and movies would make you think otherwise, are in fact humans with a conscience!


Many would argue that history would be evidence enough that no businessman care for the wellbeing of someone other than himself, but being blind by a single view is more harmful than what many businessmen have done, history can also show you that.
Now, I am not saying that corporate executives and businessmen are sacrosanct, far from it! They are leaders of industries that must govern their force for the betterment of humanity, and if done so correctly are deserving of the treasures that they reap. Had we not need or want any of their wears they would have never rise into power, it is obvious enough they need us as much as we need them. Many of the heirs of the empires we call companies, have forgotten his duty to the people, and their erroneous mantra of

“the pursuit of profit is the purpose of a company”

lead them to ruin which affected us all. Those who were able to keep their empires from completely collapsing saw this and decided to go back to what started all great companies

“Providing what the people need and demand”

and along with it the pursuit of building a better community by being part of it.
Influential men, women, and even entire nations have gone astray at least once in one point in history! Companies and corporations are obviously enough not exempted from this! What we must look at is their efforts to change, according to electricians – Corporate Social Responsibility is not merely a marketing campaign to give the illusion of change, and it is their way of paying for their past sins and the pursuit of a better world, no longer making profit their main goal but as a byproduct of helping the community.


Is it perfect? It the effects even immediately felt? No, and not always. Change is gradual and should always take time to truly be implemented and felt, for if it is not then it is not genuine and truly is just a façade! We give chances to people and political leaders who don’t even seem to have a plan to compensate for their past mistakes, why on earth would we not allow companies a chance to show their chance! They have at least made the effort to study and create new approaches.